Thursday, 25 August 2011


Riots UK, 2011

Nishinari(Osaka,Japan) Riot, 1990

The Weekend Drug 2

Kevin introduced me the new drug.
I ♡ The Weekend. 
Free download for this fuckin amazing album!

My favorite tunes from the 2nd album, Thursday.

Reggae tune!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Accidentally I found bad youtube channel, Reggaepowpow.
やうまん got wicked records!

I ♡ skullz , part2

I will keep on designing the skull.

I love the "Dead Man" film Directed by Jim Jarmusch.
When Nobody took Peyote and he sees death on Johnny Depp's face. That is fuckin dope scene!
I told Kevin The Bug, insert the skull into Killa P face. Skeng.

I ♡skullz

Since I am kid, I don't know why I like skull motifs and fascinated deignes that related to skulls. King Midas Sound's new logo is of cause SKULLLL!
When I was doing designer for Heroin Skateboard and other street clothing companies, I created many designs with skull motifs.
Here are couple of designs that I have done long time ago.

And I found this ring on Japanese site. I want to buy it when I go back to Japan for holiday!
They are so prettttttyyyy!I ♡skull.

And Here is tune for today. The animation is full of inspiration!! And love her sweeet voice too. Such a good cobo!

One day I am going to visit Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Why i got hooked on independent hip hop...


Hail Shabazz Palaces

Random hip hop shit

Jus some new random hip hop shizzle i'm diggin..:

And one tune, i would fuckin love to hear a rap on :

Mala mix 'Earth A Killya'

Mala mix of 'Earth A Killya' and Kuedo mix of 'Goodbye Girl' to be released on Hyperdub Records (HDB054), 12 inch and digital download - August 29th 2011.
Mala's mix is Ace!!! I really love how he treated the contents and incorporated original sounds from vocals and lyric. You cannot hear from this youtube clip but the drop is siiick!!!

(Skream dropped this on the radio last night, and someone stuck it up on you tube immediately as you can see/hear from this clip)

The Bug - 'Catch A Fire'

Written one year ago, by me and Kiki, the lyrics, mood and sentiment, seem unnervingly prophetic..And would probably get us arrested for incitement, if Ninja pushed it public right now, especially considering David Cameron's thirst for class war, mass censorship and the irresistible rise of this Island as a Police :

The Bug - 'Catch A Fire'

Kids killing children outside my door step
Gun shot, gun's hot, knife rules, knifes cruel

Blue lights are haunting me everyday and every night
Police shoot, police loot, police lies, police spy

Catch a fire, catch a fire
Start a fire, start a fire
Light a fire, light a fire
Burn a fire, burn a fire

White collar vampires sucking blood from London streets
Black money, stealing honey, blood money, not funny

Let's clean this city with burning flames of fire
Crack heads, piss heads, hood rats, undead

Catch a fire, catch a fire
Start a fire, start a fire
Light a fire, light a fire
Burn a fire, burn a fire

Everybody knows that violence grows
This city drives me crazy and skitzoid

Let's clean this city with burning flames of fire
Crack heads, piss heads, hood rats, undead.

PS Respect to Barry Brown, who inspired this track

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


We are going to play in Riga, Latvia on 16th September at the very cool music festival called Skaņu mežā’2011 with Maria Minerva. I am so exciting to visit in Riga first time!!
And I just found amazing leggings made by the Latvian graphic designer Alyona and her clothing label is called QooQoo.
I love the sound of "Qoo Qoo" as well as how the graphics printed on the legging and clothes.
Here are crazy leggings that I am going to buy when I visit Riga and I'll wear on stage for sure. We are arriving one day before so I am gonna check cool shops in Riga!!!