Wednesday, 4 August 2010

King Midas Sound Remix 1(Boomkat Review)

(King Midas Sound/The Sight Below Mixes)
Echospace label

**Clear Vinyl** **Clear Vinyl** Heavyweight remix package from Echospace, pitting the ethereal space-pressure of Steve Hitchell and Rod Modell's CV313 against the claustraphobic dub menace of Kevin Martin's King Midas Sound and the layered ambience of Rafael Anton Irisarri's 'The Sight Below'. Its the King Midas version that pretty much owns this record though, more or less completely re-structuring and re-working the original into a noxious burner complete with the signature deadpan narration of Roger Robinson and the far-flung, almost detached vocal delivery of Hitomi pitted against a compacted tangle of deeply unnerving low-end rumbles and a mesh of effects and midnight drones worthy of Martin's involvement with Experimental Audio Research all those years ago. Remixes are rarely this ambitious - and it's a credit to all parties involved that the end result is a substantial contribution not only to the Echospace discography but to the King Midas Sound canon - small and perfectly formed as it is. The Sight Below, meanwhile, keep much more closely to the original's genetic code, unwinding hazy dub chords around a padded 4/4 with subliminal washes of melody that have become something of an Irisarri signature over the last couple of years. Ending off the twelve, Modell and Htchell reserve the flipside for themselves with an extended live mix that lifts the track into a more defined warehouse environment, with shuffling percussion and fathoms-deep bassline intact. Limited copies - highly recommended.


  1. Damn right too. This is an awesome track.

  2. Yes, Mr.Dray...thx for the kind words and sentiments..Long live Slab !..K-bug