Wednesday, 27 July 2011

King Midas Sound Kuedo and Mala Mixes

HDB054 King Midas Sound Kuedo and Mala Mixes 29th of August

This single features two of the most upfront tracks from King Midas Sound’s forthcoming album project ‘Without You’ – re-voiced and re-versioned mutations of their debut album ‘Waiting For You’.

Side A of the 12" is a mix of ‘Goodbye Girl’ by Kuedo aka producer Jamie Teasdale, who drags the original’s domestic melodrama through a fatigued
waltz of droning synths and stumbling drums.

Side AA features Mala from Digital Mystikz take on ‘Earth A Kill Ya’.
Here he smothers Kiki’s voice and dubs out Roger’s lyrics to their most dread components, leaving strands of the original song lost atsea in sub bass and drowning in toxic chords and dusty reverbed drum blasts.

Artwrok is also designed by genius Glasgow Digital Artist, Konx-om-Pax who did the video for‘Goodbye Girl.

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