Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Dokkebi Q - Gobbledygook



do ya hear me whagwarn
soon or later you hit and gone
she destroys all your toys and disappear in the rainbow

don't you know that tiger never change its stripes
don't you know that leopard never change its spots
if you taste two you won't even get one in the end
you'll remember, you run to the ark

don't you know that angels bring his friends of angel
don't you know that devils bring his friends of devil
slowly slowly you are reaching boredom in heaven
what you sow, what you shall reap

you'll slowly know she is dark Cinderella
she can fix her foot up to UK 10
don't ever stay with her after midnight
she can turn your castle into cash

you'll get to know you stuck in the routine
the routine has built pleasure and aching
take no more forbidden green demon 

you can't tolerate her dancing with mumbo jumbo

one day the fantasies softly creeping on you
wishy washy excuse, no no more
hold your horses, you will get suck by illusion
tiny weeny excuse, no no thank you
tanky tanky cannot buy bread in Jamaican

hoity toity, you have been talking on and on gobbledygook


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